Supermarket Savvy – Shopping for Health Trend Report 2014

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greatO with o-3s

Animals, like humans, do not naturally produce omega-3 fatty acids.
They must consume (and metabolize) omega-3s from the foods they eat.
GreatO cattle have a diet rich in omega-3s so they produce meat that is
naturally high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. GreatO Premium Ground
Beef is significantly higher in beneficial omega-3s than conventional
beef and even grass fed beef.

Grass fed beef will only have elevated omega-3s when cattle have
access to fresh, green grasses. In the majority of US, this is less than 6
months of every year. During those months, grass fed beef has about 70
mg of omega-3 fatty acids in a 4 oz serving. GreatO 80/20 Ground Beef
contains 200 mg omega-3s in a 4 oz patty. Regularly grown ground beef
has 0 mg omega-3s.

GreatO is the first and only USDA-labeled and certified beef product
naturally-abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. NBO3 Technologies has
invested in over ten years of research, in partnership with one of our
nation’s premier land-grant universities with expertise in beef cattle
nutrition. This work with Kansas State University has validated and
proven the efficacy of their proprietary feed system and premium feed.
The GreatO cows feed is packed with nutrients from flax seeds, healthy
oils, and other natural whole grains high in protein and omega-3 fatty
acids. The result is a tender beef with high-quality protein and omega3’s
while lower in saturated fat.

Good source of omega-3s (200 mg/4 oz patty)

High in total fat

Great beef flavor. I could not tell any difference from regular beef.
This brand may not be available in your area but look for similar high
omega-3 meat products to appear in your supermarket.

Source: Supermarket Savvy – Shopping for Health Trend Report 2014

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