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Move Over Salmon, greatO Beef Offers Omega-3 Fatty Acids Too

Consumers are concerned more and more about health and eating better. One of the things they look at is fat consumption; how much is in a product and what type of fat it contains. We have been hearing a lot about omega-3 fatty acids and how they are a good fat but until now the best way to get omega-3 was by eating certain fish or by taking supplements. Problem here is that many people don’t like fish or omega-3 supplements. Now there is another alternative, GreatO Beef.

GreatO is the first and only USDA-labeled and certified beef product naturally abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. So how do they get the omega-3 into the beef? The cattle are raised on a diet naturally rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Each bite is packed with nutrients from healthy oilseeds and other natural whole grains high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. The result is a delicious, tender beef, with all the flavor and high-quality protein many crave with lower saturated fat. Grass fed beef do get omega-3 from their grass diet, but it is only about 70 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in a 4 oz serving. GreatO 80/20 Ground Beef contains 200 mg omega-3s in a 4 oz patty. Regularly grown ground beef has 0 mg omega-3s.

Adding the Omega-3 to the cows diet is beneficial to the cows too. The cows grow faster, perform more efficiently and spend little-to-no time in the sick pen, requiring little to no antibiotics.

And GreatO isn’t stopping with beef. They will soon have pork, milk, goat cheese, chickens and eggs.

I did try the GreatO beef and thought it had a nice flavor not unlike other beef. I couldn’t tell the difference between this product and other ground beef in texture or in cooking results. If it is another way to get omega-3s besides taking supplements, then I’m all for it.

Source: Monday 17th, March 2014 – Flicks and Food – Written By Johnnie De La Garza

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