Meet Our Team

Todd Hansen    Managing Member

Todd is the managing member of NBO3 Technologies and has responsibility for all roles within the greatO Premium Feed and greatO Foods farm-to-fork system. Todd has extensive knowledge of vertically integrated protein supply chains and branded marketing systems due to his past roles with Koch Industries and Hormel Foods. Previously, Todd led the Hansen Family Joint Venture with Hormel Foods from 1999 to 2005 which was created to launch the Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees product line, which today represents over $130 million in revenue and now includes over 30 product SKU’s.  Todd has also directed the Hansen’s previous Joint Venture with Koch Industries in the late 1990s that focused on the development of vertically integrated beef and fully cooked entrée development.

Bill O’Neill   Customer/Retail – Proteins

Bill has played an important role in multiple new category developments in the grocery retail industry. Since the late 1990′s, Bill has worked with our group on various vertically integrated beef brands, including retail entree products and fully cooked branded products for Advance Brands. Bill leads and directs all sales functions for the GreatO branded proteins.

Molly Meade McAdams Ph.D.   Marketing/Retail – Proteins

Molly joined the NBO3 team in 2011. Over the previous 15 years serving as a leader at HEB Grocery, a leading retail grocery chain in Texas, Molly was instrumental in the creation of HEB’s industry leadership of private label protein products, ultimately serving as Vice President for all Private Label HEB Brands. For NBO3, Molly is responsible for all product development, marketing and communication functions for the GreatO3 farm-to-fork system and GreatO branded proteins.

Bob Danler, Ph.D.   Technical Services

Bob received his doctorate from Kansas State University. Bob joined the Hansen family in the late 1980s and has played a key role in all Hansen ventures product development. For NBO3, Bob is responsible for all technical services, industry animal health, feed and product certification for the GreatO3 farm-to-fork system.

Bernie Hansen   Strategic Advisor

Having been in the meat industry since 1970, Bernie has purchased & sold several meat processing businesses, including Concept Foods to Hormel Foods in 2005. Bernie was recognized in 2003 with a meat industry innovation award. Bernie’s NBO3 focus is animal supply chain and processors for the GreatO3 farm-to-fork system.

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