For people who love the great flavor of beef and are looking for healthy, holistic options,
greatO Premium Beef
is the choice when every bite counts.

Bernie’s Story

It all started with a question about how we work together, in a competitive environment, to achieve a common goal.  The question became a dream, and the dream has become reality.  Bernie’s life has always been about not accepting the norm, just because it’s normal.  He can be decidedly “un-normal”.

Bernie understands cattle, and ranching, and creating delicious foods for sale in grocery stores.  He has a lifetime of creating successful businesses under his belt … and they all kind of start the same way.  With the question of: “What if?”

What if we could completely change conventional wisdom, backed by science, about the fat profile in beef?

And what if our animals could become healthier in the process?

Scientists and nutritionists claimed it was not possible, but Bernie set out on a 10-year journey of trial and exploration to find out for himself.  He’s stubborn that way.

So, what if beef could be high in healthy Omega-3 fats to the benefit of Americans?

And if this works in beef, what if it works for pork?

And for dairy cows?

And for chickens?

What if?

Bernie’s dream not only became reality –introducing greatO Premium Meats– but he also created a system to garner profitability and efficiency by encouraging under-utilized components within the beef production system -introducing greatO Premium Feed.  Both work together for a common goal of creating healthier animals, to feed healthier people, all the while supporting a healthier world.

This begs the question “If your dreams aren’t epic, why bother to dream at all?”  As Bernie keeps dreaming and asking questions, the world will benefit through healthier meats, healthier milk and dairy, and the satisfaction of a great food abundant with Omega-3 fatty acids.

From farm to fork – greatO Premium Feed and greatO.

Keep dreaming, Bernie!


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