For people who love the great flavor of beef and are looking for healthy,
holistic options, greatO Premium Beef is the choice when every bite counts.

greatO is the first and only USDA labeled ground beef product naturally abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. greatO delivers a truly differentiated, natural health benefit to consumers through products consumed with great frequency.

Humans do not naturally produce Omega-3 fatty acids.  Until now, to introduce Omega-3 into our system we had to consume fish or supplements (which have recently been questioned relative to their efficacy). Now, with greatO Foods, you can increase your Omega-3 fatty acids through daily consumption of beef, dairy, pork, and chicken.

“We are so confident in our proven process. greatO is the only product on the shelf that prominently displays the Omega-3 fatty acid levels on our USDA-approved label,” says Todd Hansen, CEO of NBO3 Technologies, LLC. “For over a decade we have been working on revolutionizing how to not only make products that are healthier for consumers, but in turn make the animals healthier. And yes, we are offering beef with naturally abundant Omega-3 fatty acids by feeding animals an omega-3 rich diet. We are truly making every bite count for the animals and for humans, alike.”

greatO. When every bite counts.™

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