greatO Ground Beef

YES! Omega-3 in Beef!


80/20 and 90/10 Ground Beef Now Available In Stores!

greatO is the first and only USDA-labeled and certified beef product naturally abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. 

For people who love the great flavor of beef and are looking for healthy, holistic options, greatO Premium Beef is a great choice. The cattle are raised on a diet naturally rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Each bite is packed with nutrients from healthy oilseeds and other natural whole grains high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. The result is a delicious, tender beef, with all the flavor and high-quality protein many crave.

Initially greatO 80/20 Premium Ground Beef will be sold in 1 lb. loaves or brick packages. Other beef product offerings include frozen patties, fresh patties, steaks and roasts.

Why Ground Beef?
• Number one shopping basket penetration
• Versatile
• Affordable
• Family Favorite
• Healthy

Why Omega-3?
• Number one supplement in the U.S.
• Well-known
• Respected
• Trusted
• Delicious



Research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Omega-3 supplements are the most commonly used non-vitamin/non-mineral natural product taken by adults, and the second most commonly taken by children.  2007, National Center for Health Statistics

The American Heart Association recommends eating fatty fish at least 2 times per week and has issued DHA and EPA intake recommendations for adults.

Animals, like humans, do not naturally produce Omega-3 fatty acids: they must consume (and metabolize) them.  NBO3 Technologies proprietary feeding and animal heath system ensures our meats are high in these beneficial fatty acids.


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